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Orient has added four new models to the popular Classic and Simple Style series which is part of the Classic Collection. The new models combine classical features with a distinctive day and night display with sun and moon design to bringing new charm to mechanical watches.

Classic and Simple Style is a popular series that has been a bestseller around the world, representing everything that is Orient. The series is known for its traditional classical face, a domed glass with a retro feel, and delicate case design with slender lugs.

The new Classic and Simple Style models feature a day and night display with sun and moon design showing the passing of time with a sun and moon disk that rotates once every 24-hours. The asymmetry of the day and night display with sun and moon design at 4 o’clock and day hand at 10 o’clock lends a uniqueness to the watch face. The three-layered construction of the dial adds dimension, while the popular Roman numeral and bar indices of the Classic and Simple Style and elegant design of the dual minute scale along the outer rim also enhance the dial’s charm.

The new models come in four colour variations depicting magical scenes of the sun and moon in the morning, noon, evening and night. The refined ivory dial depicts a morning scene when the sun rises and begins to tint the sky and ground with warm hues, while the white dial evokes noontime when the sky and ground are filled with light. The white dial model with rose gold colour plated case evokes the sun’s endless afterglow, and the brown dial evokes the moon in the night sky. Each dial colour is coupled with a colour-coordinated calf leather strap that enhances the elegance of each model.

The new models are powered by an automatic (with hand winding) in-house calibre F6B24 and come with time, calendar, and day and night display with sun and moon design. The stable accuracy ranging between +25 seconds to –15 seconds per day, coupled with a 40-hour power reserve, make them ideal for everyday use.

We are proud to be at the forefront of mechanical watch production in Japan. With mechanical movement manufactured in-house, we can ensure the highest possible quality for our customers worldwide.