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Orient Star has announced the launch of “with ORIENT STAR” (, its new official online store for US customers. The new store is live from today 2nd October. This online store will allow even more customers to enjoy Orient Star timepieces for many years to come.

Orient Star, first introduced in 1951, has continued to produce high-quality Japan made mechanical watches for more than 70 years, combining traditional craftmanship with cutting edge watchmaking technologies.

The official online store “with ORIENT STAR” has been available for the Japanese market since December 2021, and now customers in the US will also be able to enjoy Orient Star timepieces for life. All Orient Star pieces are equipped with an in-house mechanical caliber. By looking after and properly maintaining the watches, they can last a lifetime and beyond. The new online store “with ORIENT STAR” will allow Orient Star to bring its brand to even more people and connect with customers to deliver enhanced services.

We are proud to be at the forefront of mechanical watch production in Japan. With mechanical movement manufactured in-house, we can ensure the highest possible quality for our customers worldwide.