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Orient will launch three new models to mark the 3rd release of its M-FORCE series.
Revived in 2020 to celebrate Orient’s 70th anniversary, M-FORCE, the new flagship of the Orient Sports collection, features the tough structure of an outdoor watch and powerful styling that reflects the latest industrial design. This latest diver model series is themed around the grandeur of the Earth, with blue of the deep sea, orange of volcanic lava, and red of hot magma reflected in each dial, further emphasising the special character of M-FORCE.

The M-FORCE range of tough, functional outdoor watches has been loved by avid fans around the world since the first series was launched 25 years ago. The “M” in M-FORCE has three meanings:
– Mechanical: a mechanical movement that keeps time without relying on batteries or solar power
– Massive: a solid, durable watch equipped with shock-resistant exterior and interior structures
– Maverick: an original design that is both refined and daringly different.
In the latest models “Magnificent” has been added as a fourth meaning, expressing the worldview of the three M’s through the movement of the Earth. The dial colours symbolise the vitality and power of the Earth, which has been in existence for 4.6 billion years. Blue represents the deep sea with its hydrothermal vents, the birthplace of life; orange expresses the scorching lava glowing from underwater crevices; and red evokes the vitality and strength of the planet. These three symbolic colours dynamically adorning the dial give M-FORCE a new appeal.
The latest models of this 3rd release feature the same technical specifications adopted in the 1st release M-FORCE diver model. These include water resistance to 200 meters, compliant with the ISO 6425 standard for air diving watches, the massive protection shield that protects the large screw-in crown and uni-directional rotating bezel from shocks, high legibility with three-dimensional indices and Luminous Light with excellent luminosity, sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating, and in-house caliber F6727 movement specially designed for M-FORCE to enhance shock resistance.
All three models have stainless steel (SUS316L) cases and black-plated uni-directional rotating bezels. The models with dials in deep sea blue or lava orange come with a stainless steel (SUS316L) metal bracelet. The limited edition of 2,000 pieces features a black silicon strap and comes in an exclusive box decorated in magma-inspired red, just like the watch itself.

We are proud to be at the forefront of mechanical watch production in Japan. With mechanical movement manufactured in-house, we can ensure the highest possible quality for our customers worldwide.